Manchester United Tragedy (1958). 1957 58 in english football team

Full title reads: "Manchester United Tragedy" Munich, Germany.

Full title reads: "Manchester United Tragedy" Munich, Germany. Busby's Babes die - story of the Munich Air Disaster. GV Rescue workers beneath floodlights in the wreckage of 'Elizabethan' airliner which crashed at Munich airport. LV Rescue workers shovelling amid debris. GV Floodlights glaring down on scene. SV Workers standing by nose section of airliner. SV Smashed nose and broken fuselage. SV Pan, fuselage. SV Engine with bent props. SV Crash tender. GV Rescue workers, snow falling and wreckage still smouldering. LV Rescue workers tugging on wire at part of airliner. LV Smouldering debris. SV Manchester United team boarding airliner at Manchester.(still). CU Pan along line of players (still). SV Manchester Utd in white shirts and shorts & Aston Villa in stripes walking onto Wembley pitch for 1957 FA Cup Final. Matt Busby is leading the Manchester Team out. SV Villa skipper Dickson spinning coin for the kick-off. With him is Roger Byrne, Manchester United skipper. GV United kick off, and ball goes into Villa half. SV. John Berry beats man and passes to Tommy Taylor, goalie Sims dives and collects ball. Villa player passes to McParland, Ray Wood collects it and McParland bumps into him, they both fall to the ground in pain. CU Fans in crowd. SV Jackie Blanchflower takes over in United goal. GV McParland shoots Blanchflower dives for it, but it enters side of net. SV Cedric Baynes operating camera. GV Ball comes to Tommy Taylor and passes to Eddie Colman. CU Fan looking through binoculars. GV Duncan Edwards taking corner for United, Tommy Taylor heads into top of net. Score at end of match Villa 2 - United 1. GV crowd cheering. SV Aston Villa skipper Dickson holding the Cup. SV Still of Man United Team. CU. Still, Pan along team from left to right. Duncan Edwards, killed, Bill Foulkes, injured, Mark Jones, killed, Ray Wood, injured, Eddie Colman, killed, David Pegg, killed, right to left, Dennis Violett, injured, Tommy Taylor, dead, Roger Byrne, killed, Bill Whelan, killed, John Berry, injured. CU Still, Matthew Busby, injured, Walter Crickner- Team Secretary, killed. LV People in Manchester around news stand, placards depicting disaster. LV Flag flying at half mast at Manchester United Football Ground, Old Trafford. LV Flag at half mast. GV People outside ground. FILM ID:1519.02 A VIDEO FROM BRITISH PATH . EXPLORE OUR ONLINE CHANNEL, BRITISH PATH TV. IT'S FULL OF GREAT DOCUMENTARIES, FASCINATING INTERVIEWS, AND CLASSIC MOVIES. Over here FOR LICENSING ENQUIRIES VISIT At this point