7 Books (A Children's Literacy PSA Parody of Lukas Graham's "7 Years") #ReadMoreBeMore. Mary morris author books for boys

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Go to About here to buy a book for a child in poverty. Watch till the end to find out the SHOCKING truth about Children's Literacy! Written and directed by Kent Lloyd (Stuntman/ YouTuber- Here) Sung by BYU Vocal Point's Logan Shelton Music arranged by Dallas Crane (Youtuber- Click here) Director of Photography: RJ Idos (Youtuber- Idos Media About here) 1st Assistant Director: Ebrahim Ghaeni 2nd Assistant Director: Brad Witbeck BTS: Patrick Hayes and Archie Cristanto Make Up Artist: Juliette Mergist Lighting Coordinator: Seth Mergist Boy: Sam Clements Mother: Belinda Purdum (Actress) Father: Adam Johnson (Actor) Librarian #1: Ali Cross (Author) Librarian #2: Michael Bacera (Social Media Specialist) Man/Dad: Keith Allen (YouTuber- KFaceTV At this point) Dean: Ryan Mendenhall (Future House Marketing Director) Wife: Bethany Morris (YouTuber- In this place) Classmate: Tristan Porter Classmate: Monica Moore Smith (Actress- Herein) Toddler Daughter: Jessa Arkell Young Daughter: Kamri Arkell Young Son: Miles Arkell Older Daughter: Sara Arkell (YouTuber- Pianist About here) Older Son: Evan Arkell Book Store Teller #1: Richard Olsen (Youtuber- Vlogger There) Book Store Teller #2: Adam Sidwell (Author/Animator) Influencers talking about statistics in order of appearance: Kent Lloyd- Stuntman/Director Keith Allen- YouTuber Bethany Morris- YouTuber April Meservy- Singer/Song Writer Over here Adam Johnson- Actor Sara Arkell- YouTuber Ryan Mendenhall- Marketing Specialist Shelly Brown- Author RJ Idos- YouTuber Ali Cross- Author Michael Bacera- Social Media Specialist Music provided by: Nick Harker- Conductor Derek Crane- Producer Parker Robinson- Music Engineer Sara Arkell- Piano Peter Hanaman- Bass Marissa Jenell Brown- Guitar (YouTuber- There) Christopher Cardenas- Viola Madison Moline-Viola Zachary Hansen- Viola Daniel Nash- Violin Adrienne Williams- Violin Chloe Hopper- Violin Megumi Terry- Violin Mary Griffin- Violin Clark Evans- Cello Ryan Schade- Drums Special thanks to Brigham Young University TMA Department BYU Bookstore Provo City Library and Gene Nelson Taylor and Jenny Roemmich Tristan, Quina and the rest of the Porter family Angie Fenimore Rebecca Rhode The Clements family Lyrics: Once I read seven whole books, my mama told me, You, need to play outside or you'll be lonely. Once I read seven whole books. It was a rough rough choice, but I thought I was smarter Pushing my scooter to the limits, I was kicking harder by eleven getting close and breathing burning fire Never fit, I wanted to drop dead, flat out retire Once I read seven whole books, my daddy told me, Go, get some books checked out at the library. Once I read seven whole books. I always had that dream of completing a series When, I finished Harry Potter, I needed more stories. Nothing that is too gory, just something mystic and lore-y. The new desk clerk said that I'd love all of the Mistborn stories Once I read seven more books, out by the old brooks I finished all of them like it was a grand prix Once, I ran right out of books I went back to the clerk, he said that he would wager that you're, above your reading level, all these books are major. Check out the Maze Runner, it's about the Gladers Let's see if what Thomas does will make it turn out he s their savior. Once I read five entire books, with barely a look. I was reading most everything that you could show me. Once I read hundreds of books. Soon I'll read more than just books. The hands will be shook. I'll attend a graduate school, and now I m hoping. Soon I'll read little kid books. I m so happy about how, my kids can imagine freely. Like when, they look through all the house in search of crazy mysteries The Hardy Boys are with me, but they want Sherlock Acadamy My daughter's on the ground, she s begging for a Squirrel Girl story Soon they've read thirty more books, my oldest wants thirty one Remember Dune? Prelude to Dune becomes a better one. I made my girl so happy when I bought her Cinder once, She always was into that fairy tale and sci-fi fun. Soon they'll read dozens of books (in their) little old nooks We'll be, reading together like a happy family Soon we'll read dozens of books. Soon we'll read hundreds of books and they'll never be crooks And my, kids will make me father of the century Soon we'll read hundreds of books. Once I read seven whole books, my daddy urged me, Go, get some books checked out at the library. Once I read seven whole books. Once I read seven whole books